SOA Based Application Development Service

Onlive Technologies is the leading and popular player in the ground for getting world class SOA based application development service. We have a huge skill and vast experience in developing SOA-based applications. Over many years, we have been offering a faster and cost-effective way for developers to integrate business systems across several organizations. It lets both internal application and external users to utilize business service via well defined and well-understood interfaces. With us, you can able to create and implement high-quality SOA based applications.

No matter, whether client required new service functionality or simply wrappers for the existing software components within your SOA, our SOA service will help the deployment team understand productivity gains. Our skilled and experienced SOA consultants assist clients in defining, managing, and directing software development within the enterprise SOA. This aids client implements top-notch service components within budget and on time.  Our service includes the following things.

  • SOA requirement analysis for both functional and non-functional requirements
  • SOA requirements specification of service component external view including behavior and interfaces
  • SOA design including the general service description, its functionality, and overall details regarding its entire design and system
  • SOA code and unit testing of all the components against the SOA requirements specification
  • Advanced integration and system testing because compounds are integrated and assembled to the rigorous system test process, which is prior to delivery as well as acceptance testing

SOA Based Application Services

Through our effective SOA service, we allow our clients to take advantage of our global software development capabilities. Therefore, we can deliver high-value business and IT services quickly and cost-effectively. Our SOA team proactively uses the SEI CMMI model to render better outcome for the clients. Our ultimate aim is to demonstrate measurable predictability and quality to our clients to fulfill their expectations and needs at any cost.

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